Monday, October 4, 2010

I might have CAAAAAAANCER!!!!!!

You guys, I want to say I feel so, so, SO at peace about this, but I MIGHT HAVE CANCER AND YOU SHOULD PROBABLY FREAK OUT. I had this insanely scary surgery and had to stay in the hospital and everything. Somehow that didn't put any damper on my or my family's lifestyle, though.

You all know how I'm almost a doctor, right? Well in my professional almost-doctor opinion I probably do have cancer (but I'm soooo at peace about it) and I will probably require blood transfusions in the future.

Here's where you can help! What's that? You didn't ask if you could help? I don't care, it's all about me!!!

So let's do an impromptu BurgerQueenBloodDrive! Yes! Just send me your blood through the mail (contact me for further details), or swing by our home way out in the country and since I'm practically a doctor I can take and store your donated blood for you!

Don't worry about blood types, infectious diseases, or IV drug users. We can work all that out later. Just worry about helping ME. Remember I might probably have cancer.