Monday, August 9, 2010

Totally True! Tuesday

It's totally true - I'm posting this a day early because I have SO much time on my hands, even with my preemie newborn and my 4 other SC* and my darling Burger King and my massive mansion and my straw bale gardens and my organic cooking and the breastfeeding and the cloth diapering! I have ample amounts of time, yep! TOTALLY TRUE!

It's totally true that I have blogged and tweeted nearly constantly since my preemie Cash was born. I did not take even the slightest break from my "job" even though everybody would have understood and been supportive, because I am addicted to attention and need constant reassurance from my sheeple. It's TOTALLY TRUE!

Ok, back to bonding with my preemie writing more stock blogs and tweeting! Yep! Totally true.

*Small Children
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