Thursday, May 6, 2010

Just for the Record

I just want to take a moment to let you all know that I will not be addressing the naysayers on my blog, on my twitter or in my community. It's so funny that I even know there are naysayers because honestly, I don't ever pay any attention to people who aren't 100% positive towards me! I never read "hate" blogs about me, I never read (and then delete!) any negative comments on my blog or in my community. But just hypothetically, if there were naysayers, I wouldn't address them.

I'm not really surprised people criticize me constantly, because I don't know if you knew this, but I'm a Christian. Francis Chan said, "Do not be surprised when people persecute you (1 Peter 4:12). In fact, you should be concerned if people speak too well of you because that is how the false prophets were treated. At the end of the day, it is all about the Holy Spirit and what He has called you to do." That's right - you know I'm a real prophet because of the NAYSAYERS!

God laid it on my heart that I should not respond to the accusations and I only answer to HIM. My life is only about the Holy Spirit and what HE calls me to do. That's why I have this blog where I try so hard to get tons of clicks and comments, because that glorifies Jesus, not me!

Let me admit something, friends. I do mess up. I know you wouldn't think that from reading my blog, because I am practically perfect in every way, but sometime, very rarely, I do sin. I'm a lot like you. I am such a bold blogger that I will actually address and admit my sins when somebody forces me to. Luckily though, Jesus is all about forgiveness. I am eternally grateful for the fact that Jesus has forgiven me for every single sin I have committed, and therefore I can do whatever I want, whenever I want, and never be held accountable for any of it! And I will keep doing that until the day I die and take up residence in Glory.

If you disagree with me, I guess you hate Jesus.

Just for the record.


  1. First?!

    Yeah me! I just want to say that I love you BQ, and I would be honored to come watch your children for you and clean your fab home while you blog boldly!!! My name is Jess, and just know that you can trust me! I AM a teacher after all, and Kelly Stamps and Angie Smith are my *very good friends, I know you will be soon, too! Blessings!

  2. Oh my goodness - you are not at all like me. You are so much better. And your kids are so much cuter. I wish my kids were as cute as yours.

    Those naysayers are just jealous that God hasn't blessed their walk the way He has blessed yours. And I will dirty my knees for them, that they may repent, and ask for forgiveness. God bless you, my sister in Christ.

  3. You spoke to my heart, you are a TRUE christian. I can only dirty my knees in prayer that I may one day be as holy a woman as you are and be blessed with being as perfect as you are in every way. Blessings to you always!

  4. Ah Jess, or CEJ known to some, I felt like you might come by to worship at the revered one's feet. You are one good follower!

    Just wondering, did you find enough of that expensive eyeliner you love, to keep you supplied for a few years? Thank god for the glory of that!

    Do you not travel to the Frozen Tundra much anymore?

    Good morning to the BQ family, hope you all have a glorious "have it your way" day!

    Hugs & PTL!

  5. These so naysayers will feel the wrath of God falling down on them.

    Dont worry about them you know that they are all just jealous of everything that you have. They have lonely and empty lives and lash out at you because they see the work God has done through you.

  6. Dont worry BQ, you are in the right and doing HIS work through your blog! I wish I was as spiritual as you. Dont worry about those naysayers. I know a guy who knows a guy(really an old lady but whatever!). They will take care of those silly jealous people.

  7. Speaking of feet, when are we going to see your toes? It has been so very long since we've seen your blessed bunions. I'm going to dirty my knees and pray that you fulfill my elephant ankle addiction before the DT's set in. I'm off to eat a shaker of salt in honor of you. Blessings!

  8. The Lord says "Don't hate me because I am beautiful", or something along those lines. Jennifer your caring, giving, unselfishness SHINES through EVERYTHING you do. Let those "naysayers" say what they want. They are jealous. Personally, just between you and me, I would LOVE to have your life - used cars, a MckMansion, flatscreens, uncontrollable vomiting, Chipolte runs at all hours of the day, a loving, street smart husband, 4.5 beautiful children. You have it all. God has chosen YOU to spread his word. God has chosen YOU to decide if you want to pay your bills. God is leading you down this path and you are walking it WONDERFULLY. I pray before my time if up here on Earth, that I accomplish a mere morsel of all that you have. In Christs name. I LOVE you Jennifer!




  10. BQ, I was wondering if you were going to share with us some recipes. We can't make it so Subway tonight so i'm going to have to cook something.

  11. Hey, anonymous above me, whatever you do, don't get fried chicken! They might force you to *whisper* share it *whisper* like socialism!

  12. Then there's always the tried and true Texas Caviar.

  13. I will be sharing a fabulous recipe on my blog very soon! Keep checking back to see it as soon as it appears!!!

  14. Eating organic is the best! Who knew that Chipotle, Subway, McDonalds and Brueggers Bagels had an organic menu!?

    We don't own a TV because of all the bad commercials, but yet, I shop/eat at most of the places advertised on TV anyways!

    And my kids are not allowed to have those non-creativity encouraging electronic toys. I'd much rather them experience the pain of jumping off the picnic table and breaking a leg instead.

    Then, they can be creative and go to a happy place while the Doctor sets it.

  15. C'mon I've been clicking for 4 hours already. I'm waiting for your great recipe. There's something about opening a few cans of chick peas and garbonzos that makes me feel like an Iron Chef! It's OK though, I'll click for 4 more hours then I have to go to bed. If you don't have the recipe up by then, just tweet that it's coming soon. I'll keep my phone by the bed and check in throughout the night.