Thursday, May 13, 2010

Stream of Consciousness

Little Sausage Biscuit and I will be traveling by plane tomorrow all by ourselves, without the other three or TBK. We will miss the rest of our family dearly, but I trust TBK with our children completely. As long as all 6 nannies are around too. Ahem.

I will be doing a photography tutorial next week! I know you're dying for tips, and trust me, I am dying to give them out. Speaking of photography, are any of you going to be in the great state of Washington next week? I'll be there. And I'll take your picture. For the low low price of $2,000!

Oh, I just wanted to mention, completely randomly, some products I love and am in no way being paid to promote here on my humble blog! Ahem. I love the ergo baby carrier. It's just one of the structured carriers I've been into for many years now. Also, just an aside, isn't Coach the best? Oh and this etsy shop and this one and this one. And this furniture. Ahem.

Lastly, the Lord has laid it on my heart to take some of the proceeds from this blog and do some good. As I discussed in this post, the majority of the proceeds from this blog will go straight into mine and TBK's pockets. But! That doesn't mean that I can't appear to be generous and caring and keep you all coming back for more! In that spirit, please give me some suggestions in the comments for worthy charities and I will do a post where I will donate $5 for every comment to the chosen charity (I'm serious) (make some good suggestions) (I get a decent number of hits on this blog and I'm happy to do a donation post). So you have your marching orders, rabid rabbits, go! GO!
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