Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Totally True! Tuesday

Before we get going with Totally True! Tuesday, I want to remind you that our comment for charity post is still going on below! If you haven't yet done so, go to the post below this one and leave a comment to benefit the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Now, on with Totally True! Tuesday!

Are you feeling guilty for all the lies you've told over the past few years, so many you can barely keep your stories straight?? Overcome with shame because your straw bale gardening isn't going as well as mine?? Well, don’t be! Totally True! Tuesday was born out of my desire to admit some of my imperfections and reveal a few moments I’d rather forget. You may find it therapeutic to join in and do the same thing!

I’ll start!

It is totally true that I let my children engage in dangerous behavior because I'm pretty sure they have special protection from Jesus - He didn't let Stellan Sausage Biscuit die and He would never let another child of mine be hurt either. It's because way more people pray for my children than yours! Yep! It's totally true!

It is totally true that I will continually attempt to reinvent myself based on criticism on my blog! I can try and try and try to play the perfect, humble Christian, no matter how transparent the whole pious-for-clicks act gets. Yep! It's totally true!!!

So what do you say? Would you like to share what is totally true in your life? If so, join the Totally True! Tuesday fun!

Anyone is welcome to write a Totally True! Tuesday on their blog; to qualify to link up on my blog, please make sure you meet these requirements: Simply write your own post on your blog and link back within your post to my blog so I can make lots and lots of money off of what you think is just a fun little game. If you don't follow these rules I will hunt you down and sue you.

Happy Totally True!-ing.
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